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This Herbal Oil Treatment is a natural hair bottlecombination of the best nutrient rich oils and dry herbs known to promote increased health and wellness of the hair by penetrating the hair shaft and improving moisture levels. The product contains Coconut Oil which is one of the only carrier oils known to penetrate the hair shaft and nourish the hair, which in turn keeps the hair strong and protected from premature breakage and excessive shedding allowing growth,retention of length, luster and shine.

This amazing infusion helps to:

➨ Stimulate hair growth
➨ Moisturize dry brittle hair
➨ Stop breakage from lack of hydration
➨ Reduce hair shedding
➨ Make hair more manageable
➨ Increase shine and luster
➨ Aid in dandruff elimination with prolonged usage

These 7 powerful benefits and more result in translating your hair to a much healthier state as it becomes stronger with each use. With our product, Your hair will love this treatment and you will be glad to have come in contact with it.

For Questions and Support, you can reach our Team Members via info@vbeautie.com