Herbal Oil Treatment

This product contains all-natural coconut oil which is known as one of the only carrier oils to penetrate the hair shaft and nourish hair. This in turn keeps the hair strong and protected frompremature breakage and excessive shedding thereby allowing your hair to retain luster and shine. 

It also contains Almond oil, Black Jamaican castor oil, Nettle, Peppermint and so much more. All these ingredients play very important roles in caring for your hair and giving it that beautiful and healthy final look!

Keep #VeryBEAUTIEful Gorgeous!!!

Products Features

Our Hair Treatment is composed of some of the best and most nutrient rich oils and dry herbs infused into oils for a duration of time. The combination of these natural resources are essential for your hair's health to promote growth and strength. Increases moisture retention with each use, this way hair is better managed which leads to less breakage and greater length retention.

Artificial Additives Free. Parabens Free. Mineral Oil Free. Sulphates Free. Silicon Free. Petrolatum Free. Paraffin Free. Synthetic Fragrance Free.

Our Customers

Hey VBeautie Team, I just wanted to let you know the herbal hair oil you applied on my hair was amazing! My hair feels great! Kept my hair moisturized and I have a lot of new growth in just ten days. I'm going to have to take these braids out now. Will definitely be purchasing more and using it on my daughter as well

VBeautie Team, I want you to know that it's my first time using the oil treatment and I am very satisfied.....This product is amazing it made my hair feel soft and silky to the touch. ...I can't wait to see more results. .....#greatherbaloiltreatment

This herbal oil is absolutely amazing. After applying treatment, my scalp felt renewed/refreshed. I've noticed the difference in hair texture, soft weightless & natural. Loved it! 

After one use of VBeautie Herbal Oil Treatment My hair is so much more shiner/less frizzy / better body/softer and more moisturized.. I'm definitely going to purchase the full size... 

I'm transitioning my hair back to my natural roots and wear my hair intermittently in braids and I've been using this herbal hair oil. I've used the oil four times now and I must say my hair feels softer and easier to manage. I also noticed less hair breakage and my hair feel stronger, looks shiny and healthy. I will definitely keep using this product and I'm going to recommend it to my friends and family.